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Risk index Risk scale Risk
0-20 1 very low
20 – 40 2 low
40 – 60 3 medium
60 – 80 4 High
80 – 100 5 Very high

Note :

When the weather forecast is not favourable for supporting flea or tick activity, it does not mean that they have been eradicated but rather that they have become "dormant" within the environment.

Arthropod populations do not only depend on weather conditions. Other elements supporting and determining their ecology should also be taken into account. Biotopes (plants, environment) are key factors. Similarly, wild hosts (deer, wild boars, foxes, rabbits, rodents, polecats, hedgehogs, etc.) are regarded as non-limiting factors despite their varying density.

Veterinarians are best placed to give informed advice regarding the risk to pets, taking into account all the other parameters involved, such as biotopes and wild hosts in specific locations.