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What is FleaTickRisk ?

FleaTickRisk is a forecasting model that uses meteorological data to predict ectoparasite activity in different climates. Weekly updated maps show the risk of infestation by ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and sandflies across Europe, to adapt pets' treatment to protect them from parasites. 


Learn more about parasites

The threat of arthropod parasites for human and animal health is increasingly recognized world wide. The hazard of these insects or acarids is linked to both the direct lesions they generate as well as their ability to transmit diseases.

How does the model work ?

FleaTickRisk is a unique and dynamic model encompassing an ongoing collaboration between researchers. The maps generated allow visualisation of the risk of infestation by ticks and fleas.

Content for professionals

The site is a tool dedicated to professionals to assist them with predicting and managing the risk posed by ectoparasites and the diseases they transmit.