Learn more about parasites that can infest pets: life cycle, consequence of infestation and prevention.


Ticks are the main arthropod disease vector in Europe


Fleas are well-known parasites but flea control remains complex


Lice generally cause squamous dermatosis

sarcoptic mites

Sarcoptic mites can cause intense pruritus which can be transmitted to humans

otodectic mites

These mites are always localised to the pet’s ears

demodex mites

Demodex mites are present on the skin of all mammals. In dogs their proliferation may lead to a severe disease.

cheyletiella mites

Cheyletiellosis or walking dandruff is a contagious disease

trombicula mites

Only the larva of the chigger mite is a parasite. It infests pets and humans in early autumn.

dermanyssus and ornithonyssus

These mites parasitise mainly birds


Sandflies are little mosquito-like insects and are the biological vector of Leishmaniosis


These can be responsible for the transmission of severe diseases

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